Alexander Technique in Education

child at laptop - poor posture as chair too low

There’s a fantastic short video about how the Alexander Technique works in education, whether normal schools or music or drama colleges. It’s beautifully shot and is very clear and informative. Well worth at least one look. Here’s the video:

How does the Alexander Technique help students? It shows them how to:

  • understand their reaction processes
  • have a longer attention span and more focus
  • be mindful of the way they do things
  • see how they normally do things and see what they can change
  • find space to become more aware of themselves
  • respond to demands without being overwhelmed
  • think to their body to hold less tension

It’s increasingly vital for young people to have an understanding of these ways of thinking. More and more youngsters are getting backache and suffering from stress. Their bodily use at is often very good at an early stage but starts to deteriorate when they sit at tables and use a pen. Twists and slumps set in. If we can catch this early we can nip a lot of problems in the bud. It takes a skilled eye and understanding to do this and needs a gentle, kind approach. Unfortunately, suggesting that they ‘sit up straight’ just builds in stiffness and doesn’t change things. It also stops free breathing.

Please bring the video to the attention of anyone you might know in the educational field so that we can build awareness.

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