Ann Nussey Forest School

Ann Nussey Forest School - children learning how to saw wood

This week I was exchanging some work with my good friend and colleague, Ann Nussey.  Over the years we’ve spent many hours chatting about our understanding of the Alexander Technique, experimenting with new ideas and working quietly with each other.  This week, Ann’s hands on work with me was better than ever and I feel lucky to have met her.

Here’s the difficult bit.  Ann was diagnosed last year with mesothelioma.  This is a form of lung cancer caused by exposure to asbestos and it cannot be cured.  After the initial shock, Ann and her husband, Vaughan, decided that she needed a project.  Something positive to focus on  that Ann and Vaughan feel passionate about.  They love nature, going off to the countryside and seaside as often as they are able.

They have set up a forest school together with the Kent Wildlife Trust.  This aims to inspire young people and their teachers with a love of nature and, in turn, encourage them to protect our natural environment in the future.  These photos show some of the young people developing confidence and new skills and having fun together.  They are working to build up a fund to meet its running costs for 5 years on their JustGiving page.  It is my sincere hope that some miracle cure will be found for my friend and others suffering from mesothelioma and that she will be able to see her Forest School help many young people.


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