Back pain? Neck tension?

Alexander Technique helps back pain - picture of woman rubbing back







Whether or not your back pain was caused by poor posture, it certainly isn’t going to be helped by holding yourself badly. The Alexander Technique gives us a body awareness that allows us to pinpoint the movements we’re making that are causing back or neck pain. From there we can undo bad habits and relearn how to use the body so that we put less strain on it.

It’s important to remember: practice strengthens the back and core stability.

The tools that we gain from the Alexander Technique encourage us to rethink the way we hold ourselves so that we’re able to stand or sit for longer.

So often pain is connected to tension which can be freed by using our bodies differently with less effort – and, at the same time, checking to see if our arms and legs are contributing to the discomfort.

Looking at the whole body picture and relaxing it if necessary, can work true wonders.

The Alexander Technique was put to the test  – and passed with flying colours – in an NHS-funded back pain study which chronicled the results of 500 people across the UK who suffered chronic or recurrent low back pain.

As well as having less pain, participants became more active and coped better with life.

Gentle walking along with the Alexander lessons was an excellent combination for long-term benefits.