If there had been a pill that worked……

Here’s a video from a news interview in the States explaining the Alexander Technique.  Karen Krueger was a senior lawyer for 25 years who had to stop work for a while due to the terrible pain in her neck and shoulders.  She had Alexander Technique lessons which made a huge difference and she subsequently retrained […]

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Glass with toothbrushes inside

Mindfulness in the Morning

Are you on automatic pilot in the mornings? Do you have a morning routine, particularly on work days, that is completely mindless and habitual.  Here are some things for you to think about: When cleaning your teeth, are you bent over the sink, arching your back? Are you gripping tightly onto the toothbrush? When shaving, […]

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Drawing of the three arches of the feet. Plantar vault

The foot arch(es)

It’s generally assumed that each foot just has one arch that runs along the inside of the foot.  Actually, this is one of three arches. Thinking of the base of the foot as a triangle, we can draw a line from the heel to the base knuckle of the big toe and then to the […]

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Rushing from home or work

Some things take longer than you credit – like leaving home or work to go out. Packing up your bag, finding your mobile, keys, putting on shoes and coats.  All this faffing about takes time.  It might mean a few trips into rooms that you’ve already been into to find items.  And then you might […]

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Ann Nussey Forest School

This week I was exchanging some work with my good friend and colleague, Ann Nussey.  Over the years we’ve spent many hours chatting about our understanding of the Alexander Technique, experimenting with new ideas and working quietly with each other.  This week, Ann’s hands on work with me was better than ever and I feel […]

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