Drawing of Head Neck Balance for correct posture

Head Balance – Part 2

Having found out where the head balances on top of the neck, what next?  Our heads are very heavy – the equivalent weight of 4 to 5 litres of water. With this heavy weight on top of the body, it needs to work with us and not against us. If the head hangs down, it […]

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Drawing of Natural Head Balance restored by the Alexander Technique

Head Balance – Part 1

To find where the head balances on the neck, place a finger in the soft dent behind each ear lobe. Imagine a line going between these 2 points. The middle of this line is approximately where the head balances on the neck. It’s often higher than people imagine it to be. The head neck joint […]

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Watching Wimbledon without tension – top tips

Watching a long tennis rally at Wimbledon, I suddenly became aware that I was tensing along with every shot.  Not only was I tightening my toes for every hit, I was also pressing my tongue against the roof of my mouth and clasping my hands together.  It was pretty exhausting just watching! So here are […]

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