Drawing of Natural Head Balance restored by the Alexander Technique

Head Balance – Part 1

To find where the head balances on the neck, place a finger in the soft dent behind each ear lobe. Imagine a line going between these 2 points. The middle of this line is approximately where the head balances on the neck. It’s often higher than people imagine it to be. The head neck joint […]

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Watching Wimbledon without tension – top tips

Watching a long tennis rally at Wimbledon, I suddenly became aware that I was tensing along with every shot.  Not only was I tightening my toes for every hit, I was also pressing my tongue against the roof of my mouth and clasping my hands together.  It was pretty exhausting just watching! So here are […]

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Child on Bicycle with upright posture

Cycling & the Alexander Technique

One of my pupils started cycling to work after a long period of not having been on a bike.  He found his Alexander Technique thinking really helped him and has now gone cycling mad. He not only cycles to work, he also does regular 60km bike rides up and down hills and enjoys it! Here […]

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