Children’s Posture – use it, don’t lose it

Playing with posture book - Alexander Technique book for parents on maintaining children's good posture

This new book for parents/carers is very practical and full of ideas on how to maintain and improve children’s posture and learning capabilities.  It contains examples, activities and games looking at day to day life as well as play time.

Most have us have been brought up to think that good posture is standing or sitting up straight.  But this tends to bring in a rigidity, making the back arch and tipping the head back.   This book dispels those myths and shows how good posture is more natural and comfortable than that.

Children have naturally good posture and need to be encouraged to keep this – use it don’t lose it.  And with the increased use of computers, tablets, mobiles etc, they need to learn how to use their bodies as well as their devices.

I thoroughly recommend Sue Holladay’s book which can be purchased from HITE.

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