One to one

Individual Alexander Technique sessions

Change isn’t hard, it just needs a new approach. This 6 week programme will be refined to suit your personal needs.  There are various levels from beginner to intermediate to experienced. It works best if sessions are booked at least once a week and if you are an active participant. There will be supporting material.

I also offer standalone refresher sessions for those who have had Alexander Technique lessons before and want to be reminded and build upon work they have done.

Recognise: Gain a deeper level of awareness of your posture, movement and mind-body connection. Become aware of habits that may be invisible to you that may be causing pain.

Building Blocks: discover the components to re-educate your neuromuscular system, restoring balance and ease and building strength. Much of this involves changing thinking patterns rather than physical exercises

Application: Take these into everyday life to help break the pain cycle, transform your movement and lead to great posture

All sessions are to be taken within 2 months of the first session.



One person: £270 for 6 sessions of 45 minutes

Two people: £360 altogether for 6 sessions of 1 hour

Individual Sessions:

One person: £50 for 45 minutes

Two people: £65 altogether for 1 hour

Cancellation Policy:

24 hours notice required to reschedule or cancel. Full payment will be charged if there is no notice.

To book:

07932 663 604 or


How many session should I have?

This is a skill building technique. At least 6 sessions are recommended to develop a good skill base to make a real difference in everyday life with long lasting effects. With any skill, the more that you explore a technique, the more you will get out of it and the deeper and broader your understanding and application.


As it’s not an exercise class, you just need to wear everyday comfortable clothing.

One or two people

Traditionally people have come for one to one sessions. I like to offer sessions for 2 people as it can be really interesting to learn with another person and to discuss your observations afterwards.

Is this an exercise class?

The technique is more about thinking that doing and is so is not an exercise class. But It can really help with exercise classes, yoga, pilates, running and so on by understanding how to move more easily and thinking about the whole body, not just individual muscles. Many professional sports people have had Alexander Technique lessons to learn how to prevent injury. It’s wonderful for older people or those who have had injuries who may have more difficulties walking, running or cycling. Learning the safest way of moving can build up strength and mobility in order to get back to activities you enjoy.