Nearly half a million workers suffer from work-related muscle-skeletal disorders with back pain accounting for 41% of the 6.6 million working days lost per year. There is a global epidemic of lower back pain and it’s escalating.

In terms of looking after the well-being of staff as well as addressing productivity, the Alexander Technique is a proven method to help back and neck pain. Scientific studies have shown that it’s cost-effective and has long term benefits with the positive effects still being experienced after one year.

Benefits to an employer of introducing the Alexander Technique in the workplace include:

Improved productivity

Reduced absenteeism

Raised workplace morale

Promotion of better long term health and tools for stress management

No specialist equipment is required, just a room to work in. Sessions can occur within the working day. Employees can immediately put into practice their deeper awareness of their habits at work that may be causing issues. They will also learn how to make modifications to their workstations, particularly if hot desking or working from home.

Companies may find it useful to start with a workshop or talk either in person or online. This can be done during the working day or on a training day. This can be taken into individual sessions for employees who will benefit and/or into follow up workshops for groups. I am a trained DSE Ergonomic Assessor in addition to my many years of Alexander Technique experience and can bring a heightened and highly practical awareness to posture at work.

I look forward to discussing with you how I can assist your employees’ long term welfare and contribute to the success of your company.

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Alexander Technique teacher standing, helping a man with his posture at a laptop