Posture at the keyboard

Man at typewriter with a long back, not slouching, sitting on low wall

Offices come in all shapes and sizes.  This one was outside the courts in Mumbai, India where men were typing affidavits. I was struck by how upright this man’s back was. Despite him being very tall and sitting on a low wall, he manages to not slouch. His head is a bit down and forward but, given his office environment, his back is in pretty good order.

Let’s contrast him with the man sat next to him:

One man with a long back and good posture typing, one man slouching whilst writing
Here we can see the difference in posture. It’s so easy to curve the back when writing or typing.  The man on the right has brought his head right down, has a rounded back and is collapsed in the front.

Our posture can deteriorate from a very early age. Here’s another typist:
Man slouching and slumping when typing.
This man has a more rounded back when he types and he is slumping a bit. Note how his neck has pulled forward and how his shoulders have come forward.

In fact, considering where he is typing, his posture is not as bad as many westerners would be in similar circumstances. I just haven’t had the opportunity to go into a British office to take photos.  If there are any willing volunteers, I’d love to do so!

The more I look at these photos, the more I am struck by the back length of the first man.   It’s particularly impressive considering his typewriter is on a low box, not even on a table.

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