Quietening the Mind and Body

I wanted to share some ideas from a couple of pieces I’ve read which are about a gentle way of being more present.

Philippa Perry writes about ‘focused attention’ in How to Stay Sane. Focused attention improves how we observe and experience our body and mind in the present, without criticism. It can boost our concentration and help with stress.

A Holland and Barrett magazine article had some practical suggestions to put this focused attention, or meditation, into place. A ‘countdown to calm’:

  • Look around you. Name FIVE things that you can see
  • Next name FOUR  things you can hear
  • Reach our and touch THREE different textures – how do they feel?
  • Breathe in – try to notice TWO different smells
  • Can you taste ONE thing? Take a deep breath and exhale slowly

I’ve found these very helpful and easy to do (apart from the taste and smell which are not my strong points). I can also just start them straight away rather and that helps break into the daily mind chatter. They are simple and possible to do anywhere, sitting, standing, walking or lying down.

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