child at laptop - poor posture as chair too low

Alexander Technique in Education

There’s a fantastic short video about how the Alexander Technique works in education, whether normal schools or music or drama colleges. It’s beautifully shot and is very clear and informative. Well worth at least one look. Here’s the video: How does the Alexander Technique help students? It shows them how to: understand their reaction processes have a […]

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Children’s Posture at the Computer

I was visiting a friend at the weekend and their 9 year old was using the computer for his homework.  Whilst this looked a lot more fun than homework was in my day, it might not be fun in the long term (or even short term) for his back. He was sitting at the kitchen […]

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Playing with posture book - Alexander Technique book for parents on maintaining children's good posture

Children’s Posture – use it, don’t lose it

This new book for parents/carers is very practical and full of ideas on how to maintain and improve children’s posture and learning capabilities.  It contains examples, activities and games looking at day to day life as well as play time. Most have us have been brought up to think that good posture is standing or […]

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