The Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique lesson.

The Alexander Technique looks at the whole self – mind and body. It addresses the cause of problems and not just the symptoms. It looks at your habits, especially the deeper seated ones that you may be less aware of. It’s a way of learning to think differently about what you do and how you do it. 

It’s gentle, yet powerful and has profound long, term changes. There are many benefits, some of which are:

Reducing chronic back and neck pain – pain is miserable, attention seeking and boring and does not have to be inevitable

Good posture – as well as how you look, good posture helps balance, breathing and can prevent injuries during exercise

Ageing well – getting older does not have to be a downhill process. It’s possible to continue – or even restart – doing things that you love for as long as possible.

Better walking and balance – gait analysis, looking from head to toe, makes a huge difference in being able to walk for longer, without discomfort

Learning to relax – relaxation is a skill. Your mind and body will feel freer, you will have different tools to manage stress and your breathing will be more open

Managing hypermobility – The Technique is also very useful for people with hypermobility problems, including Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder (HSD).

Feel good, look good, breathe well and feel at ease.

Tanya’s Alexander sessions have contributed to considerable positive life changes for me. I have had a rushed busy working life running my own business. The Alexander Technique has enabled me to slow down throughout the day before and during any activities. As a result of Tanya’s Alexander Technique classes, I am taking more care and attention with my body and enjoying greater relaxation. I am also feeling happier. Recently I helped my partner move house. At the end of a day of moving furniture and lifting boxes , I felt relaxed, happy and realised I had used so many Alexander Technique tools to make that happen. (Andry, Business Coach)


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