The Alexander Technique for Voice and Breathing

Man with hand around mouth to project voice

It’s about the body and mind

How we use our whole mind and body affects our voice and breathing.  By reducing any tightening in our neck, back and limbs, we free up the breath and the quality of our voice.  To improve shallow breathing and to speak or sing with more volume, we need good posture and a free body.

If we are stressed or anxious, our breathing can be more shallow. And our voice can tighten or perhaps get higher or more squeaky. So it’s important to learn how to ground ourselves physically and mentally.

Actors and musicians

Nowadays, many drama schools and music colleges have Alexander Technique classes. Actors and performers often have stage fright. The Alexander Technique is a form of stress management that generates inner calm and grounding and so helps with performance anxiety. It can also work towards better stage presence.

If musicians are freer around their instrument, they will have more breath available as well as being more comfortable. If your instrument is your voice, then looking at freeing the breath is vital and can making the voice richer and more embodied.

Presentation Skills

In addition to working with actors and singers, I help people improve presentation skills, vocal projection, preparation for giving a speech and general confidence.  We can also look at interview preparation, both in terms of voice and posture.

Several of my pupils have had an Alexander Technique lesson on the morning of an interview – and have been successful and bagged the job!

I’ve also worked with brides and grooms in preparation for wedding speeches as well as for having good posture for their wedding photos.